Learn Italian with Radio: “Energia pulita…”

In this lesson we will listen to a clip taken from an Italian radio, it will be useful to improve listening and learn new words.


First of all here are the steps of the lesson:


1- We will see some useful words to understand the listening

2- We will listen to the podcast trying to understand the general meaning, it does not matter to understand all the words (listen to the podcast as many times as you want)

3- You will answer some questions to test your understanding

4- You will have the complete transcript of the text to verify your answers


let's start


Sfigato: Sfortunato. The colloquial word to say unfortunate

Punti di vista: Points of view

Energia pulita: Clean energy

Fabbisogno: requirement



Now let’s listen the podcast, don’t worry to undertand all the words, try just to undertand the general meaning

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